Assassin and White Coat Bandit Show at inftspaces Somnium Space gallery

As we continue to find ways to bridge the metaphysical rift between the tangible and virtual worlds we also want to, not only support our community, but uplift it. This month we have dedicated our incredible virtual inftspaces gallery(created by one of inftspaces members, Jaroslav Holy) to two of our fabulous NFT holders and advisors who have supported us from day one and who have some brilliant artwork to show off.

inftsapces Somnium Space Gallery

The show is currently happening in our virtual space ( and features two mega collectors in the world of NFT’s; Dan Morris (aka Assassin) who is not only a collector IRL but also in the metaverse, and Stephanie Tine (aka White Coat Bandit) a doctor by day and creator by night who has brought to life some beautiful art work of her own. Their tasteful and eclectic collections are a stellar showcase of NFT’s that will take you on a journey with OG generative sets like the illustrious Fidenzas, to some stunning RTFKT Clones you can find hiding around sneaky corners.

Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs

As you peruse the gallery you might also find the speakeasy…the BAYC speakeasy that is! Showing off some of their baddest BAYC and MAYC from their collection in a fun hidden room meant to play up the concept of how the club was originally founded.

This gallery showing launches our very own inftspaces Artist Collective Exhibits (ACE). We plan on hosting more artists in between our sponsored events and we will soon be sending out info about how you can be showcased, so keep an eye on your inbox! Keep in mind you must be an inftspaces NFT holder in order to be considered for ACE — we take our community very seriously and we love to spread the love.

We want to thank Hotz House Entertainment in advance for bringing amazing VR performers to bless our space from time to time. And a big thank you to Jaroslav Holy (aka Artific) for helping create a beautiful space…an infinite space.

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To the infinite and beyond!

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